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With our great new subscription plans, you can now have complete access to ALL the iPass IELTS material that is included on our tutored online courses for just €10 a month or €45 for 6 months!!

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So, what does this fantastic offer include?


  • 60-min lessons
  • authentic exam questions
  • guided practice & tips
  • interactive exercises
2 lessons 2 general
2 academic
4 general
4 academic
12 lessons
(5 with video)

  • authentic exam questions
  • complete answer keys
  • key vocabulary lists
8 tests 8 general
8 academic
8 general*
27 academic*
13 tests*

*corrections and assessment not included (see below)

And there's more!! Your monthly subscription also includes:

What if I need some additional personal IELTS coaching?

If you would like extra 1-2-1 coaching in IELTS speaking or writing from an iPass tutor, you can also book separate Skype classes and get your IELTS writing tasks corrected.

  WRITING - buy now SPEAKING - buy now
Tutoring service 1 practice writing test (2 tasks) 1-2-1 skype class (45 mins)
Cost €10 €20
Feedback samples Academic Task 1
General Task 1
Academic / General Task 2
Mock Interview
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Naveed - Pakistan

Naveed - Pakistan

The support and guidance I got was very precise and to the point which helped me to secure 8 in speaking and 7 in writing. After the speaking practice, my tutor pointed out my mistakes and gave me some links for correction. The video presentations of my writing tasks also helped me understand my mistakes in a better way. I would recommend iPass to anyone who is looking for IELTS band 7 or 7+.

What's new?

Detailed writing assessments

Get expert evaluations & band score estimations on your IELTS writing tasks.

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