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5 ways to practise your spoken English for IELTS

1. Talk to a friend

Find a friend who speaks English as good as or better than you. Then, choose 10 common IELTS speaking test topics and ask each other questions about them. You could even write 10 questions down and give them to your friend to ask you. Try to start with easy questions then finish on harder ones.

Always ask your friend what they thought of your answers. Ask them to be honest.

2. Record yourself

Choose a part 2 question, make notes about it for 1 minute and then record yourself talking about it for 1-2 minutes. Then, listen to yourself to see how well you covered all the points, how good your vocabulary and grammar were, how fluently you spoke and how easy you were to understand. Try this part 2 question on the topic of health.

Play the recording to a friend if you have time and ask them what they think of your answer. Can they spot any mistakes with your English?

3. Talk about different topics

Write down a list of 10 IELTS speaking topics, then choose 1 at random and talk about it for as long as you can. Keep doing this every day and try to speak longer with a wider range of vocabulary each time. If you can talk for 3 or 4 minutes then part 2 will be easy BUT be careful not to repeat yourself. That is the hard part.

4. Practise a phrasal verb a day

Select one useful phrasal verb each day that is related to an IELTS topic, then find the definition and an example sentence. Save them on your phone, in a text message, or in a notebook and try to use the phrasal verb at least 3 times that day. You can think of sentences in your head or write them down. Do this every day and then on Saturday, prepare a mini-talk or write a message using all of them.

5. Join our IELTS Speaking group on facebook

IELTS Speaking test group is a private group for IELTS candidates who want to learn more about the speaking test, get great tips about how to get the best score possible, ask for advice from a professional iPass tutor, meet other candidates worldwide and find opportunities to practice their English online before the test. So what are you waiting for? Check it out and request to join today!

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Oyelola - Nigeria

Oyelola - Nigeria

I’m indeed very grateful for all the support and tips! Before I found this website I had attempted the ielts exam several and kept getting a band 6 or 6.5 in my writing. But iPass has been very helpful and after doing the IELTS 7 course I was able to achieve my overall score of 7.5 which is required for my doctor’s registration in the UK.

Thank you so much Nigel & Jenny and the iPass team!

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