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Am English v Br English - Dialogue 2

Did you get the answer to yesterday’s dialogue? Here’s another one for you!

Is this speaker using American English or British English? Which words give you a clue?

Dialogue 2 - In a hotel

A) Do you know where the bathroom is?

B) Sure, it’s over there, next to the elevator.

C) Thanks, can you watch my purse while I’m gone?

Click on comments for the answer!

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Answer: American English

1st clue: bathroom (British English - toilets)
2nd clue: elevator (British English - lift)
3rd clue: purse (British English - handbag)

By Jenny Bedwell on 2011 09 07

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Ichiro, Japan

Ichiro, Japan

Thank you for providing the helpful lessons last month. I’ve just
received the result of the latest IELTS:

19 May 2012, Overall: 8.0, L: 8.5, R: 8.5, W: 7.0, S: 7.5
(10 March 2012, Overall: 7.0, L: 8.0, R: 8.5, W: 6.0, S: 6.0)

As you see, the speaking score has rised dramatically thanks to your
great speaking lessons. These scores are perfect to apply to my target

Thanks again for your kind support.

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