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Am English v Br English - Dialogue 3

Dialogue 3 - At a train station

A) Could I have a single to Blackfriars station, please?

B) It’s cheaper to buy a one-day return.

C) Ok, I’ll get a return. Have you got change for a fifty pound note?

Which words tell you if the speakers are using American or British English?

Check the comments tomorrow for the answer!

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Answer: British English

Clue 1: a single (Am Eng - a one-way ticket)
Clue 2: a return (Am Eng - a round trip)
Clue 3: note (Am Eng - bill)

By Jenny Bedwell on 2011 09 09

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Shwetali - India

Shwetali - India

Thanks to iPass, which has helped me to improve my score, I can now pursue my medical profession in the UK.

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