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Choices – a moving experience?

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ so said Dr Johnson, the creator of the first English Dictionary in the 18th century.  I’ve been thinking about his observation quite a lot recently.
I’m a city boy through and through. Born in London, raised in London and lived all of my life in several cities around the world in Europe, Asia and North America. I love the vibrancy and energy of cities, the people, the places and the buildings. The ‘wonderful immensity’ as Dr Johnson also described it.
Every city has its own personality, and by day and by night they are different. To me there is nothing more special than living in a city close to its centre and knowing that when the commuters and tourists have gone, this is your home town!
But then recently I bought a house in the country. Why? Maybe it was a mad rush of blood to the head like falling in love and not really understanding the reasons, but certainly it was real - I saw this little patch of Eden and was hooked.
The green, the fresh air, the quiet – well, there is a river nearby, so it’s not completely silent – its a 360 degree change from the hustle and bustle of my city upbringing and urban roots.
So, I’m leaving the dirt and the grime behind me and trading it in for some clean living and a rural idyll.
Will I be able to live with such a radical step? I’m not sure as I haven’t moved yet and left the city behind me, but its an exciting prospect that I feel will be the right thing to do when it happens. I’m not tired of life yet and I hope that I can prove Dr Johnson wrong!
Incidentally, it’s the tercentenary of Samuel Johnson’s birth this year. A website has been set up with information about the celebrations to mark this event – johnson2009.

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Well, green canopy and undulating mountains in the countrysides really gives peace for those who urgenty needs it. I now living in a suburb where I can still see small bushes and forests nearby. People in this town normally venture into small businesses such as setting up stalls and cafes or working as a public servant. Logging and boat-making industries has become less common nowadays. Although it is less hectic than big towns and metropolitans, young people normally have to move out to large towns for job opportunities. But when you get older, you will yearn for serene and idyllic countryside again, just for a peaceful mind!

By RCSC on 2009 06 14

Dr Johnson also said: No wise man will go to live in the country, unless he has something to do which can be better done in the country.
Maybe you’ve got something better to do…

By bodysim on 2009 06 15

Hi dear, your blog is very beautiful and full of relevant material. I really enjoy your blog and also waiting for this further more steps and postings on this blog. Thanks a lot for this act of kindness.

By exam on 2009 06 24

‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’ That’s a very classic phase. I always remember that. Thanks for sharing.

By Pete on 2009 07 01

I am a draughtsmen (Mech.) having experience of less than a year. How should i present my self in interviews, etc. I am moving to dubai for the purpose.

By London bed and breakfasts on 2009 08 03

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