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Choices – Barack: could he have done better?

Recently it was Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. Certainly a milestone for him, and also for us. We all waited for him to be elected and then to see what kind of President he would be. The verdict? Well, various pundits have rated him and in most areas he was found to have performed well.
Could he have done better? Did he have any other choices? Of course, a lot depends on your political persuasion, but was it really necessary to spend all that money bailing out the banks and the motor industry or should they have been allowed to go to the wall?
Could that money have been better spent elsewhere on more humanitarian projects? After all, capitalism will survive, continue and recreate itself – even those toxic loans will be neutralised and the sub prime market will soon be a forgotten terminology of the past - but the third world in many cases hasn’t even got off the starting blocks. Shouldn’t some of the billions that have been spent propping up a massive failure induced by human greed have usefully helped the people of the developing world? How can they ever compete against markets artificially supported by billions of western government funds?
Certainly, he has been bold and decisive. Most people would say he had little choice as the situation was so dire, but is it a short term fix or a long term remedy?
Obviously its early days and the jury is still out but there is no doubt about it he is a high profile leader who wants to sort out the problems he inherited from George Bush – remember him? – in a determined and highly focussed way. It’s a huge job and hopefully he’s the right man in the right place at the right time. Hopefully his decisions will be the hinges of destiny and open the door to future prosperity and peace.
History will only tell, but if you had been Obama, would you have done the same or differently?

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I wouldn’t want to be in Obama’s shoes under any circumstances. He’s got so much on his plate, but whilst I strongly admire his stance on Guantanamo Bay and torture I feel disappointed he hasn’t addressed the issue of American poor and what help he could give this unspoken for and overlooked section of our society.
One of the real tests of a country is how it treats its poor and what political will it has to deal with their problems.
Please Mr President don’t neglect this embarrassing nagging sore on your/our own doorstep.

By bOtton12 on 2009 05 08

Sure, I agree but a good health care for all would help. He’s promised it but will he deliver it?

By reait on 2009 05 08

What no scandals? No skeletons in the cupboard? its hard to believe he’s so perfect! Fingers crossed…

By scept1x on 2009 05 08

Hey Mr President - if you ever get to read this, please could help? Don’t know about all those Banks failing the stress test, I’m in the same boat - and my finances too! Can you help get our banks sorted out? No green shoots here, just a moneyless desert… Whats the future?

By chump on 2009 05 09

And what about the Polar bears?
Decision by Obama administration to uphold a Bush-era ruling that limits protection of the polar bear from global warming brings immediate protests from wildlife and environmental groups

By michelle on 2009 05 09

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Sara - Iraq

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