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Choices – The Beatles: we love you, yeah, yeah, yeah?

So, it’s a bit more than twenty years ago that Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.
Which band? The Beatles of course!
On an auspicious day to many – 09/09/09 – the entire Beatles catalogue of records was reissued; remastered and digitalised.
Does this really matter to you if you are a teenager or in your early twenties today?
No, I’m not giving the game away, but as someone a little bit older I still remember the anticipation and excitement of the release of a new Beatles album and see it literally fly off the shelves in my local record shop!
I, like millions of others, just loved their music.  It was exciting, different, innovative and perfect for the 60s. Every album set a new trend not only in music but also in fashion, hairstyles, art, lifestyles and almost everything. Well, that’s how it seemed to me, and it certainly this was the first time I understood the ‘generation gap’.
Has there been anything like this phenomenon since then?
Well, of course every generation has their own musical idols but apart from Elvis Presley no other artist/group has sold around 1 billion records; and that’s a fact! And they still continue to sell with all 13 of their Albums in the UK top 100 and 4 four in the top 10 this year.
In fact with record sales dropping some would say the Beatles saved the music business yet again, and certainly their popularity doesn’t seem to have diminished.
Not bad for a group who last released an album nearly forty years ago!

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What about Oasis? Probably one of the best British bands in the last 20 years. Shame they just split up!

By firef0x on 2010 01 02

and Quenn and Abba too? They release ‘new’ albums too. I’m sure their contribution has helped save the music business just as much as the Beatles.

By 2gapex on 2010 01 02

Quenn?! Queen for sure.
Shouldn’t the Rolling Stones be mentioned? I suppose that people don’t remember the ‘battle of the bands’ between the Stones and the Beatles - and the stones are still performing and making records.
Quite an achievement and a great group too - long may they reign!

By prodem on 2010 01 02

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