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Choices: The parties we love to hate?

Love it or hate it the UK General Election is here again.
On 6 May the British public will now decide who will be governing them for the next 5 years - or will they?
After three weeks of high-level persuasion by the various parties, the electorate will be given the chance to vote and choose a winning party, but the problem is that for this election it seems that nobody can be sure that any one party will win!
What’s happened? Well, it seems that the two main parties - the Labour party led by Gordon Brown, and the Conservative Party (also called the Tories) led by David Cameron - have seriously misjudged the mood of the country. They haven’t realised how fed up the British people are with their politicians who, as a result of revelations by a leading newspaper, were seen to be lining their own pockets and enjoying all the perks of being an MP – more than one house and huge expense accounts.
People want change and when Nick Clegg, the leader of the third party - the Liberal Democrats - started to offer real alternatives people started to be interested.
It all happened on a televised debate between the three leaders. The debate itself was a milestone as we have never had one before, but Nick Clegg turned the tables on the ‘old parties’ and showed the country that he had new policies and people could choose something new and different. His policies were all about ‘fairness’.
The opinion polls immediately showed that he had split the votes normally expected by either Labour or the Tories, and he seems to be able to maintain his popularity.
So as we approach Voting Day, the final result could be a hung Parliament – when no one party is the outright winner and the country could see a coalition government. Historically these have never been successful in Britain so we could also see new elections sooner than we think.
Whatever happens it looks as if British politics will never be the same again, but maybe we should wait to see what the British public really wants. Who knows, there could still be some more surprises yet to come.

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So, will the Great British Public get what it deserves? Maybe they have been too complacent and ‘trusted’ their politicians for too long - after all the UK Parliament is the ‘mother’ of all parliaments - only to find out that all they are really interested in the money!
Now, there’s a surprise! Thinking only ‘our’ MPs were incorruptible.
Well, now it looks as if everyone will be the losers - (ex) MPS, (ex) Ministers - not to mention ex-PMs! - and a hung Parliament unable to govern effectively.
Oh well, I suppose you get what you deserve…

By modex on 2010 05 02

So, its the same the world over!
When will the campaigning stop? Its all been pretty dull and predictable with only ‘bigot-gate’ to brighten up our lives.
Roll on the 7 May when it’ll have finished and we might know who’s governing us for the next 6 months. Ha! Ha!

By hungup on 2010 05 04

Now its down to tactical voting - what next?
Stuffing ballot boxes

By cestonk on 2010 05 04

Horray - now we can go back to living a normal watching TV without pictures of Gordon Brown et al every five minutes.
Go out and vote - lets get it over and done with!

By libconlab on 2010 05 06

Will the “bigot-gate” incidence mark the end for Mr Brown? It certainly won’t have done him any favours with the question of immigration being such a big election issue.

Looking forward to being put out of our misery at last after all the speculation but it’s going to be a long night. Bit of light relief on Channel 4 with their Alternative Election Night at 9pm.

By Jenny Bedwell on 2010 05 06

Oh no! more weeks of uncertainty….

By jsmith on 2010 05 07

Do we have a government? Wake me up if we have grin

By smexo on 2010 05 08

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