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Cool and contemporary vocab - healthcare

There are many possible question topics for each part of the IELTS speaking test. While Part 1 starts with simple questions about familiar topics, Part 2 deals with specific personal experiences and then Part 3 moves to more general and abstract topics.

A good IELTS candidate can answer questions on familiar topics by using the language they know. However, a high level IELTS candidate can demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary on familiar AND abstract topics. This is the difference between a band 6 and band 8 student.

Whichever IELTS band you are aiming for, start learning vocabulary about general topics of interest. Below are some very common words and expressions about healthcare. You should use them if you are asked specific questions about doctors, hospitals, healthcare, illness or you could use them to help you with speaking or writing questions that are more generally related to health.

For instance, if you have a question about fitness, obesity, sport, happiness or society in general. Another way you might use them is if you have a question about your family or friends, your job, personal problems or life experiences in general. 

healthcare stethoscope











Phrasal verbs









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Mar - Catalunya

Mar - Catalunya

After not achieving an IELTS band 7 in my first attempt, I took this course to prepare for the exam and give it another chance a few months later.

With the help of Jenny, I finally got a band 8 (and more than a 7 in each part), so I highly recommend the iPass IELTS 7+ course and I can not say thank you enough to Jenny for her help.

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