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Cool & contemporary vocab: fitness

Health and Fitness is a very common topic in the IELTS speaking test, so even if you’re not a fitness freak yourself, it’s a good idea to become familiar with some useful words and phrases that you can use to talk about it.

Read the words, the definitions and examples and then try to use at least 1 today and then another tomorrow. You can also google them to see how they are used in context. The more exposure you get, the better you will remember them!!




meaning: a band or watch that you wear to measure your heart rate and blood pressure. It can also track how far you run and where, as well as the amount of calories you use.
example: I used a fitness tracker to measure my run and then shared all the data online.


meaning: all the technology related to getting fit. This could be trackers or any kind of wearable or app.
example: The fitness tech industry is growing because people are buying smartwatches, smartbands and other tech to get and stay fit.


meaning: people who are very interested in being physically healthy and in shape.
example: Real fitness buffs do at least an hour of exercise every single say.


meaning: to stop eating food with carbohydrates in.
example: I ditched the carbs so I no longer eat pasta or bread.


meaning: a series of exercises you do in one session to get healthy.
example: Our coach made us do an intense 1 hour workout at the gym.


meaning: exercises that focus on your waist and stomach area to make your centre strong.
example: I do Pilates because it includes lots of core training.


meaning: exercises that just focus on your abdominal muscles.
example: Sit-ups are great for strengthening your abs.


meaning: when you copy and do what others are doing.
example: Many tech firms have jumped on the fitness tech bandwagon and started selling fitness bands.


Phrasal verbs


meaning: to become physically healthy.
example: The actor has 6 months to get into shape before the filming of his new action movie starts.


meaning: to do intense exercise to lose weight.
example: Lots of running will help you burn off the pounds. Watching TV won’t.


meaning: to gain lots of weight.
example: After I stopped going to the gym, I didn’t do any exercise and ate badly. I piled on the pounds and got really overweight.


meaning: to do physical exercise, usually at a gym.
example: I go to the gym twice a week to work out on the machines.

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Anna - Germany

Anna - Germany

I just got my IETLS results: Reading: 8.5, Listening: 8.5, Writing: 8 and Speaking: 7, which luckily is the score I needed. Jenny helped me a lot especially preparing for the writing section. She gave me lots of useful tips and hints of how to improve my skills. Also, practicing interview via skype prepared me well for the actual interview. I was relaxed during the test as I was totally aware of what to expect. Thank you!

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