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Extending your vocabulary: using similies

Did you already know any of the similies in the video? Have you ever used them to describe people you know, or maybe even to describe yourself!

There are lots more you can use which have exactly the same structure: AS + ADJECTIVE + AS + NOUN

Here are a few more….... Can you guess what they all mean?

1. As bold as brass
2. As bright as a button
3. As cool as a cucumber
4. As dull as dishwater
5. As deaf as a post
6. As fit as a fiddle
7. As nutty as a fruitcake
8. As sly as a fox
9. As thin as a rake
10. As tough as old boots

Now try my quiz! Which expressions describes someone who is…...

a) very boring?
b) in good physical shape?
c) very cunning?
d) a bit crazy?
e) alert and intelligent?
f) very slim or underweight?
g) always in control?
h) very confident?
i) mentally and physically strong?
j) not able to hear well?

Send your answers to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and WIN a free online vocabulary course!!

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Andres - Colombia

Andres - Colombia

​I took an iPass IELTS top-up 3 course to prepare for the writing and speaking tests. In this sense, my testimonial refers to my experience in these two tests.

Nigel and Jenny were both professional and considerate teachers, with a working ethic that is palpable across distances. Thanks to their kindness, I felt my practice speaking tests were friendly and, therefore, more productive, because it made me feel comfortable. This is very important. If you feel comfortable you will be more open and practice more.

Both in writing and speaking practice tests, their feedback was punctual, clear, and with suggestions on how to improve. They also included useful tools (web links to materials, online recorded commentaries on your tasks) for improving. Suggestions included tailored strategies on how to approach the different phases of each test, depending on your strengths and/or weaknesses . Also, a great added value is their ability to explain to you the evaluator´s perspective, compromises and expectations. As an IELTS student, understanding the evaluator´s perspective will allow you to approach the exam with sound confidence (which will give you a clearer mind) and with more effective strategies.

As a result, I was able to obtain 7.0 for writing and 7.5 for speaking. I sincerely feel I improved 0.5 points in each test in as little as two weeks (or 9 tasks) and would definitely recommend these courses. iPass top-up courses are a very cost effective alternative, and having feedback from experienced, friendly and professional IELTS evaluators will be priceless for you!

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