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Idiom workout: describing people

In Part 2 of the IELTS speaking test you might be asked to describe a family member or a close friend. Or you might be asked to describe a favourite teacher, a famous person you’d like to meet or someone you admire and respect.

Even in Part 1 of the test you might be asked to describe the people in your life and how you are similar or different to them.

So it’s a great idea to revise some idiomatic uses of English that can be used to describe both positive and negative characteristics of different types of people.

This short video gives you a few examples:

And a few more to research:

- all brawn and no brain(s)
- a doubting Thomas
- as hard as nails
- silver-tongued
- a tower of strength


If you can provide a clear definition and an example sentence for each of the 5 idioms above, you could win a free iPass English course!!

Just send your answers to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) before Friday 21st July.

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Sherif - Egypt

Sherif - Egypt

​I’d like to thank Nigel and Jenny for their special efforts which intensely benefited me during my journey to passing the ielts test. At first, I was struggling with writing and speaking and I actually had no idea about how I should prepare myself to sort out all of the involved speaking or writing tasks. After about one month of practice with Nigel & Jenny, I greatly improved my speaking & writing which were the toughest parts of the test for me. My advice to all test takers is to avoid all the negative comments about the test and to start with a reasonable English resource like ipassielts.com that is run by professionals whom have helped many get over that difficult language barrier. My ielts test result is as follows : L:6.5 , R:7, W:6.5, S:6.

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