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Idiom workout: colours

Do you know any other idioms in English that use colours? Here’s a quick quiz for you to test your knowledge!

Can you complete each idiom with the correct colour?

1. A ______ rag to a bull (something that will make someone very angry)
2. To go ______ as a sheet (when someone turns very pale because they are feeling ill or in shock)
3. Out of the ______ (when something happens completely unexpectedly)
4. ______ and ______ (covered in bruises)
5.The ______ sheep (someone who is not approved of in the family / group)

Send your answers to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with an example sentence for each one and you could win a free 50-hour Vital Vocab course!!

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Ling Xu - China (english version)

Ling Xu - China (english version)

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