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Many of our students are qualified professionals in vital sectors such as health, education and engineering and they are all looking to further their skills and training by working or studying overseas.

But getting the IELTS band score that they often need to get their qualifications validated abroad or to get accepted onto PhD or Masters courses is not an easy task.

Nurses, for example, are required to get band 7 (C1, advanced) in each of the 4 sub-tests before they can join the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK.

This often means taking the IELTS test repeatedly which can be a very costly process, and that’s without paying for any pre-test training, which is highly recommended to avoid having to repeat the test too many times.

So, that’s why we have launched a new campaign - IELTS for ALL - to help raise money for students who are unable to pay for their own IELTS training.

We hope to raise €1,000 which will provide free training courses for up to 20 deserving candidates.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from a free IELTS course? If you do, please share our campaign with them and tell them to apply here.

And if you are able to make a small donation to help us reach our target, you will be making a great difference to someone else’s life.

Thank you!


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Sadia - Bangladesh

Sadia - Bangladesh

​I’ve got the result of IELTS test I took on 18th March: listening 8; speaking 7.5; reading & writing 7; overall 7.5.

I needed 7 in each band to register as a doctor in Canada, but I was struggling with my writing skills. Fortunately, I have now got 7 in writing, exactly what iPass scored me on the IELTS Writing course.

Thank you so very much for your suggestions and feedback which really helped me to improve my writing and get the desired score.

I’ve already recommended iPass to some of my friends!

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