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IELTS strategies: avoiding repetition

As an iPass IELTS tutor, I do practice interviews with IELTS candidates every day, and a piece of advice I often give them is to avoid repetition.

This is especially true in Part 2 of the speaking test when you have to speak for 1-2 minutes on your own about a particular topic give to you on a cue card.

For example, the topic could be ‘describe your favourite restaurant’, in which case you will most likely talk at length about the food you can eat there.

However, to show that you have a range of vocabulary at your disposal, you should avoid repeating the word ‘food’ too often. Try to think of alternative words and phrases, such as:

- cuisine
- dishes
- menu
- ingredients
- diet / dietary

And then think of collocations that you could use with those words. For example:

- Indian cuisine
- a variety of dishes
- a varied menu
- nutritious / fresh ingredients
- balanced / healthy diet
- dietary requirements

Using phrases such as these will really boost your vocabulary score!!

Check out this short video for a very useful strategy you can use to help you keep increasing your range of vocabulary:

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Vinh - Vietnam

Vinh - Vietnam

There is no shortcut to master a second language in one night. Keep practising is the key to success but at the same time, you must also have a professional teacher to evaluate your language correctly, to give advice of how you can improve your language. That is why I recommend iPassielts as your reliable study partner.

I feel really happy working with Jenny who is knowledgeable and professional. I’ve successfully jumped one whole band of speaking after 5 skype sessions with her (of course with many other self practices, too). For anyone who wants to boost their IELTS speaking scores, I’d suggest to look no further than iPassielts.

Thank you Jenny for your encouragement and advice!

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