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IELTS strategies: varying your tenses

If you’re aiming for band 7 or above in the IELTS speaking test, or indeed the writing test as well, you will need to show that you can use a range of verb tenses competently and confidently.

It won’t be enough to stick to the basic verb tenses of present simple, past simple and future simple. You will need to use continuous verb tenses and perfect verb tenses as well.

As this video suggests, it is a good idea to take one verb phrase that is relevant to you and practise using it in a variety of different ways.

For example:

I go camping.

I haven’t been camping since June.

I’ll go camping again next summer.

I was camping with my family when I went canoeing for the first time.

I had never been camping before the age of 12.

Watch the video again for a different example:

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Katie - Poland

Katie - Poland

I was so surprised when I got my IELTS results. I think that this was one of the happiest day of my life.

Why? Because after reading the results five times I realised that I didn’t get only the overall score 6, which I needed to get a place at the British university, I also got this
amazing score after the first attempt!

I know that it would be impossible if not for the iPass course (IELTS speaking & writing), which had great exercises, and my tutor, Jenny, who was helping me in so many ways.

Thank you iPass IELTS for everything!

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