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IELTS Speaking 7 Plus - COMING SOON!!

IELTS Speaking 7 Plus covers all 4 aspects of the IELTS Speaking assessment criteria: fluency & coherence; lexical resource; grammatical range & accuracy and pronunciation.

There will be just over 70 minutes of video content, plus extra worksheet resources and online quizzes for further practice!

And you don’t have to wait long - we’re launching this exciting new course on 1st March!!

But before that, we’ll be releasing two more sample videos for you so watch out for those next week!

Here’s the first one - 6 top tips on how to boost your score!!

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Lesbia Maria - Nicaragua

Lesbia Maria - Nicaragua

Thanks Nigel and Jenny for this great website. As a result I passed my IELTS and I got a high score with the speaking test. Your materials and the tutorials were really helpful. You were like the real examiner that I had in front of me during the test, Nigel and I was lucky the topic was one that we practiced. I would recommend this site for everybody who is taking IELTS because it is great.

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