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IELTS writing workshop - Task 2 questions

IELTS candidate question:

If the question asks me to agree or disagree, should I give a balanced argument or a one-sided opinion? And what should I include in the conclusion?

iPassIELTS answer:

In all Task 2 questions you are expected to give your own opinion. If the question explicitly asks you to discuss both views then you should definitely present both sides of the argument before concluding with your own opinion.

If you’re being asked to agree or disagree then your answer could be more one-sided, especially if you strongly agree or disagree with the statement. The important thing is that you support your opinion/argument with relevant examples and reasons.

However, even if you are presenting a one-sided argument, it is still a good idea to include a contrasting view, because it shows that you have considered alternative opinions and it also gives you an opportunity to include some contrasting linkers!

For example, you might say ....

I strongly believe that the problem of rising crime, particularly in poorer areas, cannot be resolved by the police and prison system alone. However, there are many people who are in favour of giving the police more powers and increasing prison sentences in order to deter criminals from committing offences.

The reason why I think ...... is that ......

For more help with contrasting linkers go to the iPassIELTS free writing module: Gender Pay Gap

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Marie Del Pino - France

Marie Del Pino - France

I highly recommend iPass IELTS to anybody looking to take this exam (or any other English certificate). Nigel and Jenny were extremely helpful, providing useful advice and feedback during my exam preparation. Not to forget they are also very friendly and kind. What I really liked and appreciated is they assessed perfectly my strengths and weaknesses and this helped me a lot on the actual day of the exam. I knew what to focus on and I scored above the average required by the universities; 7 in writing and 8.5 in speaking!! I didn’t expect that score at all. Overall I marked 7.5 out of 9. I’m very glad I seeked their help and coaching for writing and speaking because it gave me more confidence and they were spot on the marks I could get. Merci guys!

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