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Is online learning for you?


Despite the convenience of learning online from your own home, there are still some learners who prefer traditional face-to-face institutions, perhaps because they like the social aspect of learning in a group or because they like the security of having a teacher present who can answer questions as they arise.

In my view, there are merits for both types of learning:

Advantages of online learning

Advantages of face-to-face learning

Whichever method you choose, I think it’s important to ask yourself certain questions about your learning preferences before you decide:

  1. Am I the type of person who enjoys studying alone or do I need to be motivated by people around me?
  2. Am I good at organising my time and disciplining myself or do I need to be instructed and lead by a teacher?
  3. Can I dedicate time and space at home to studying or would I be better learning in an educational environment?
  4. Am I open to the idea of studying online and improving my computer skills if necessary, or am I better studying with books?

Of course there are other geographical and financial considerations to take into account as well, but knowing what kind of learner you are and what teaching methods work best for you is a crucial factor when deciding whether or not to enrol on an online course.

At iPass, we know that not everything is black and white and you can’t easily say that you belong to this group of learners or that group. And in our experience, most language learners prefer elements of both the traditional methods of face-to-face instruction combined with the flexibility of self-access learning online. And for that reason, our online IELTS training courses aim to provide a perfect blend of both learning styles.

Advantages of studying with iPass

We believe our courses have the right ingredients for nearly all language learners who have the internal motivation and dedication to achieve their goal, whether it’s just to improve their English language skills or get a good score in the IELTS test.

But don’t just take my word for it - sign up for free membership - and request your free trial of ANY course today!

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Natalia - Russia

Natalia - Russia

After a number of attempts I finally got the score that I needed: Reading, Listening, Writing - 7.5 each and Speaking - 8! And again want to say Thank you, Jenny and Nigel for your valuable contribution to my successful result. Your tips, feedback and website helped me to improve my English skills and I can finally enjoy my life!

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