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Is the art of conversation dead?

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? People not talking to each other, can this really be true?
Well, ask any teenagers and they will tell you that most of them spend their time texting not calling each other and having an ‘old fashioned’ chat.
Many teenagers send over 100 emails a day – interestingly, girls send more than boys – and if you think that sounds excessive, some send many more than that. With free text options, using more than one phone and having a large address book I met one young man the other day who claimed he sent thousands.
No wonder that there is new generation of young people developing larger thumbs!
It’s an easy and fun way to keep in touch with your friends and you don’t need a state of the art mobile phone to join in. It also is private and you can still use while you are doing other things – at school in class or even talking to your parents and no one knows what you are saying. How perfect is that?
In fact texting has completely taken over even from email – ‘What’s that? Something my Mum and Dad do at the office!’
Of course Twitter is the latest way to keep in touch with people and tell them what you are doing. You collect followers as well as friends so with clever networking you can reach many more people than you know and start telling them everything you are doing with your Tweet in just 140 characters.
Its one of the fastest growing social networking sites and with more and more people using their iPhone to stay online its an ideal way to communicate and stay in touch.
Its public access means that many people are using it to promote themselves. From politicians like Barack Obama (3.7 million followers) to movie stars like Demi Moore (over 2.5 million followers, although her husband Ashton Kutchner has nearly 5 million followers!) people are keen to read about their every move as well as Tweet back.
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Hussein, Iraq

Hussein, Iraq

Today I received the result of my Ielts test and thankfully I passed it. I’ve got 7.5 listening, 7.5 reading, 7 writing and 7 speaking. I would like to thank the ipass team for their great efforts in helping me to get this score, especially in writing. Really, their advice and support helped me tremendously. I have studied many many sources, but actually they could solve all my weakness areas gradually and enthusiastically.

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