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Katharina - iPass student of the month

Katharina had a very tough task ahead of her when she joined iPass back in August last year. She had already taken the Academic IELTS test and scored a very respectable 7.5 overall but with only 6.5 in Writing and 7 in Speaking it was not enough. Katharina is a medical student in Germany and to undertake her clinical practice overseas - in her chosen country of Scotland - she needed a minimum of 7.5 in each sub-test, which is a considerable challenge.

However, undeterred by the obstacle and determined to succeed, Katharina joined the iPass Writing and Speaking Plus course to try and improve those skills and increase her scores to 7.5.

Knowing that this was not going to be easy, she took her time, practised continuously and listened attentively to all the comments given to her by the tutors on her course. As a result, she was able to apply all the feedback in her subsequent test, which she took in December, and the results were outstanding!

Not only did Katharina meet the 7.5 band score requirements in each test, but she exceeded them with a very impressive 8.5 in Speaking and Listening and 8 in Reading.

Everyone on the iPass team is very proud of Katharina’s success which proves the old adage that practice really does make perfect!!

We wish her all the best for the future and hope that she has an excellent experience in Scotland!!


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Lilia - Ukraine

Lilia - Ukraine

As a result of taking an iPass course, I was very prepared for the exam and got the IELTS scores that I needed: L7.5, R8, W7.5, S7.

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