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Katrina - iPass student of the month

Katrina was preparing for the Academic IELTS test because she needed it to fulfil the NMC English language requirements to work as a nurse in the UK. For that she was required to get a minimum of band 7 in each of the four sub-tests - not an easy task!

She joined iPass on 1st October 2017 having already taken the test 3 times in 2016. Each time she had secured band 7 and above in reading, listening and speaking, but always got 6.5 in the writing. This is a common story because the Academic writing test is pretty tough.

But after completing the iPass Writing Plus course at the end of October, Katrina was ready to face the IELTS test again on November 4th. And this time she did it!!

She cleared band 7 in Writing and got 7.5 in the other three tests, achieving an overall band of 7.5, so not just fulfilling the NMC requirements but exceeding them!

We have chosen Katrina as our student of the month because it would have been very easy to quit after failing to meet her goal after three attempts. But she refused to give up and instead kept practising, kept improving and most importantly kept believing that success was achievable!

Everyone on the iPass team wishes Katrina even more success and happiness in her future career!

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Vasileios - Greece

Vasileios - Greece

I got L:8.5, R:7.0, W:7.5, S:7.0, Overall:7.5 when I took the test for the first time last month.

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