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Making a bee line!

A couple of new sites that have got us buzzing!

Timesspellingbee.co.uk – an old fashioned way to improve your spelling with an up to date twist. Listen and practise your skills –the idea is to spell as quickly as you can and score points. Lots of fun.

Wordia.com – a new online dictionary with a difference which encourages definitions to be discussed and rated and features videos from users, including celebrities, defining entries.

Time to be a busy bee…

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How about this word: sesquipedalian
Difficult to spell?
Here’s some more:

By surf on 2009 02 18

Have you joined the buzz yet?!
Times Spelling Bee creates buzz about English language from the word go

By Nigel Haines on 2009 03 23

‘On average women spelt 86 per cent of words correctly, while men were not far behind on 83.5 per cent. Those aged over 50 spelt, on average, 90 per cent of words correctly. For those aged under 18 it was 54 per cent. Seven of the highest ten scores came from female contestants.’
Try these words on your friends!
Proselytize (an attempt to convert someone from one religious faith to another)
Chiaroscuro (the artistic distribution of light and dark masses in a picture)
Aficionado (an ardent supporter)
Idiosyncrasy (tendency, type of behaviour)
Minuscule (very small)
Vacillate (to fluctuate in one’s opinions)
Haemorrhage (profuse bleeding from ruptured blood vessels) Apparatchik (an official or bureaucrat)


By Nigel Haines on 2009 06 28

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Sadia - Bangladesh

Sadia - Bangladesh

​I’ve got the result of IELTS test I took on 18th March: listening 8; speaking 7.5; reading & writing 7; overall 7.5.

I needed 7 in each band to register as a doctor in Canada, but I was struggling with my writing skills. Fortunately, I have now got 7 in writing, exactly what iPass scored me on the IELTS Writing course.

Thank you so very much for your suggestions and feedback which really helped me to improve my writing and get the desired score.

I’ve already recommended iPass to some of my friends!

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