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Muayad - iPass student of the month

Muayad came to us in February having already taken IELTS 7 times in the last 2 years. As a doctor wishing to register with the GMC in the UK, he needed an overall 7.5 in Academic IELTS with no individual score less than 7. Despite excellent scores in Listening and Speaking, getting above 6.5 in Reading and Writing was proving difficult.

Muayad enrolled on the IELTS Express course but although he improved his Reading score to 7.5, his Writing remained at Band 6, which we actually felt was an inaccurate reflection of Muayad’s writing skills and we advised him to ask for a review (in fact, he did ask for a review and both his speaking and writing scores were upgraded by 0.5 but it still wasn’t enough).

However, Muayad persisted and took two more subsequent tests in different UK cities and finally his test on the 7th May in Liverpool gave him the results that we felt he justly deserved: Listening 7.5; Reading; 7.5; Speaking 8; Writing 7, Overall 7.5.

Finally, after several months of frustration and disappointment, Muayad’s persistence paid off and we congratulate him for his determination to achieve his goal and wish him all the best working as a doctor in the UK.


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Beatriz, Columbia

Beatriz, Columbia

I had an overall of 7 which seams great to me. I have listening 6.5, reading 7.5, writing 7.0 (still I can’t believe it), and speaking 6.0. I loved the feedback received from my teacher. She was very very professional and give very good advices and huge support. I really think the course is great!

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