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More health collocations!

So now we’ve looked at the difference between ‘ache’ and ‘pain’, what about ‘sore’ and ‘sprained’?

What’s the difference?

Sore = painful or uncomfortable, usually caused by an injury or infection, eg a sore finger

Sprained = painful, caused by turning or stretching a joint too much, eg a sprained ankle

All of the following parts of the body can be used with ‘sore’ but only 3 can be used with ‘sprained’. Do you know which 3?

throat   wrist   knee   thumb   toe   ankle   foot   finger   eye   ear   head

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knee, wrist, ankle

By Jenny Bedwell on 2011 10 09

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Siva - Sri Lanka

Siva - Sri Lanka

Today I got my IELTS results and I was surprised that I got 7 in writing, speaking 7, listening 7.5 and reading 8. Thank you for your support throughout my preparation, its been almost 4 months! Without you I could not have achieved my target especially in speaking. Thanks again.

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