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How about: Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.
Its by Danny Kaye
I like the idea of making a big splash!

By Biro11 on 2009 10 12

Thanks Biro11.

That’s a vivid image to go with the philosophy of “what you get out of life depends on what you put in”.

Who is Danny Kaye btw?

By Jenny Bedwell on 2009 10 13

My favourite quotation is in Neapolitan dialect and it is taken from a play (Napoli Milionaria - Millionnaire Naples ) by Eduardo de Filippo, the famous Neapolitan actor and playwright. The sentence closes the play : Eduardo de Filippo and his wife are waiting for a medicine to save their sick daughter, and in the end he says to his wife Amalia: ADDA PASSA’ A’ NUTTATA. It means “night must go by”, and it has currently become widely employed by Neapolitans. It is a sentence of hope,  because even facing the worst tragedy, something better will always come and rescue a desperate person. Personally, I consider this quotation a very wise and philosophical one, which contains in itself the tragedy and hope that the city of Naples embodies so perfectly.

Best regards
Cristina Di Maio, Naples.

By Jenny Bedwell on 2009 10 15

Thank you for sharing that with us Cristina.

By Jenny Bedwell on 2009 10 15

Thanks Samgul. Is this a quotation or a Russian proverb. Do you know who originally said it?

By Jenny Bedwell on 2009 11 15

Thank you very much samgul. This is really informative atleast for me.

thank you once again.

Zeshan Yousaf

By Zeshan Yousaf on 2009 11 16

“Those who have the courage to ride are the ones of who will fall and the rest will crawl. So, don’t crawl and ride like a Knight towards your dreams.”

By Shah Rukh Khan

This quote inspires me to achieve my dreams when they appear to be unattainable. A really nice quote from one of the most recognized faces on the planet Earth.

By Navinder Singh on 2009 11 18

Hello Jenny and Nigel
I’m very glad to come back again to this very rich website!! Thanks a lot for your great job.
Well my most favorite quote is this one:
“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” - John Quincy Adams, 1767-1848
I believe in this saying a lot. I think all successful human beings do beleive so. If you don’t have courage, you can’t overcome your fears about the future and also you won’t be able to challenge yourself with new ways. If you are not a perseverant and determined to finish your various tasks then you won’t survive or say live happilly. This is true with every one of us; whether a student, a worker, a mom of many children, adirector of a company..or even a little pupil.
So it’s all about courage and perseverance. I will add patience and wisdom.
I hope the readers will get inspired by my favorite quote.
All the best

By Bia on 2009 11 20

Nice to hear from you again Bia. Thanks for your words of inspiration! Great quote!

By Jenny on 2009 11 20

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Haruko, Japan

Haruko, Japan

You went above and beyond my expectations! You and Nigel are so efficient and very helpful. Excellent service. I have tried other IELTS tutoring services, but I wish I had known about your service from the beginning. I love how you comprehensively graded my papers with feedback and positive encouragement. I’ve already recommended your site to several people. Thanks to you, I got an overall score of 8.0!!

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