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Vocabulary Topic - Health

This month we’re going to be looking at language related to health. This will include:

We will be posting lots of fun language exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge of English on this topic, not forgetting a great story-writing competition in which you could win a free English for Health online course!! More details on that later this week!

First of all, here’s a little vocabulary teaser for you. Do you know when to use the word ‘pain’ and when to use ‘ache’?

For example, when your head is hurting do you say, I’ve got a headache or a head pain?

That’s right! It’s headache. Remember, ‘ache’ has the same pronunciation as ‘cake’ or ‘make’.

So here’s a more difficult question for you. All of the following body parts can be used with ‘ache’ but one can only be used with ‘pain’. Which one is it?


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Answer: chest

By Jenny Bedwell on 2011 10 05

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Arul - India

Arul - India

​First of all I would like to thank Jenny and Nigel for their amazing work. I was struggling to pass my IELTS, I searched in internet and joined iPass IELTS, and now I am happy to say that I got scores of Listening-8.0, Reading-8.5, Writing-7.0, Speaking-7.0 and the overall score of 7.5.

It is not only the training, guidance, tips that they have given, but also their friendly approach and constant encouragement helped me to achieve this. This approach gave me a great confidence to face the exam and I never felt the exam stress throughout my test. Once again thanks to the iPass IELTS team.

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