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Speaking Test - Part 2 - sample question

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Think about other questions you can ask yourself:

When was the meeting? Where was the meeting? Who was the meeting with?
What was the meeting going to be about?
Why were you unable to attend the meeting?
How did you feel about not being able to attend?
Were there any positive/negative consequences of not attending the meeting?

By Jenny Bedwell on 2017 03 29

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Sandeep - India

Sandeep - India

I am pleased to recommend iPass IELTS to everyone who aims to score high in IELTS. I joined iPass to assess my Speaking and Writing; it was so helpful for me to identify my weaknesses in both. Especially speaking interview with Nigel was very useful. It helped me to gain some confidence and perform well. Writing assessment was also great and I could identify my weakest areas. I am so happy to score an overall score of 8 in my fourth attempt, with Listening, Reading and Writing 8.0 and Speaking 7. In my first three attempts my overall score was 6.5, 6.5 and 7.0. Thank you so much iPass team. You helped me to get the result at the right time. Thank you very much.

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