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Speaking Test - Part 3 - Family questions

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By Jenny Bedwell on 2017 03 29

The responsibilities of our parents towards their children are they should love us unconditionally but not to the extent that they are going to protect us even though we hurt someone. They should be our role models and encouraging us and telling the importance of education, communication and strong family ties.

I think husbands and wives should have equal responsibilities towards everything specially towards the upbringing of our children. They should meet halfway even though sometimes it is impossible to do so. But through communication and understanding responsibilities can be met.

The responsibility of taking care for elderly family members should be the family itself. Example, my parents, when they get old I promise myself to take good care of them like they did for me. I love my parents parents and I am willing to take full responsibility in taking care of them.

By Ladyelel1 on 2017 03 30

Thank you Lady. These are great answers and will be entered into our competition!

By Jenny Bedwell on 2017 03 31

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Bataa - Mongolia

Bataa - Mongolia

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