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Stanley - iPass student of the month

Stanley is a registered nurse from South India who was preparing for IELTS as part of his NMC registration in the UK. He needed band 7 in all 4 modules but had only reached 6.5 in Speaking.

Stanley joined iPass in August and enrolled on the IELTS Speaking course.

As Stanley’s speaking tutor, I can say that he grew with confidence with each practice session that we had and was very responsive to the feedback I gave him, always willing to listen so that he could continue improving and get closer to the band 7 level he required.

Because of Stanley’s open-minded attitude and commitment to the task in hand, he was a pleasure to teach and I was so pleased when he emailed me to say that he not only improved his speaking score but he exceeded his expectations and scored 7.5 in speaking and 7 in all other modules.

Stanley is such a cool and humble guy that he would probably say that the improved score was down to my teaching, but teachers can only do so much. The real credit goes to the final effort and determination of the student and in Stanley’s case he deserves every bit of it.

We wish him all the best with his future nursing career in England.


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Inês - Portugal

Inês - Portugal

​IELTS is somewhat of a big nightmare for almost everyone who needs to get a specific score, and I was no exception.

Regardless the several years of english classes, including an English summer course in England, getting a 7 in all components of IELTS turned out to be an apparently impossible task. Passing IELTS is as much a matter of mastering English as it is being familiar with the structure of the exam.

iPass was crucial for me, especially in the writing component. If it wasn’t for all the tips, corrections and advice that I got on the IELTS 7 course, I wouldn’t have got the band 7 scores I needed.

Jenny was an amazing help throughout all the process, mainly in the speaking sessions we had together. If you commit and never give up you also can get the grades you need.

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