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Test your grammar!

Can you change these direct questions into more polite indirect questions?

You can use ‘do you know’ or ‘can you tell me’ to start.

1. What time is the last bus?
2. Where is the tourist information office?
3. How much is a return ticket?
4. How far is the train station from here?
5. Why is the chemist closed?

Get the answers tomorrow!

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Mafie - The Philippines

Mafie - The Philippines

​I previously got 6.5 in writing and had to sit for another exam in order to proceed with the UK’s NMC registration which required an IELTS band score of 7.0 in all areas.

I was given 2 weeks to resit for another examination, so I took the Writing Plus course and with the help and encouragement of Mr Nigel and the rest of the iPass team, I was able to pass!

Therefore, I highly recommend iPass for UKRN aspirants like me.

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