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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Saturday, and after a busy week I thought I’d fancy some escapist relaxation at the movies. I thought there’d be plenty to see but I was sure Revolutionary Road wouldn’t be a bundle of laughs and Slumdog Millionaire was already full. So, I was reluctantly ‘persuaded’ to choose The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I was glad I went, as I loved it!

I was totally captivated right from the start. Once you get over the concept of a man being born old and regressing to childhood, the whole film takes on a charm all of its own. It’s helped of course by some excellent acting by Brad Pitt and his co-star, Cate Blanchett who play lovers whose lives cross in the middle of their lives only to have to face the inevitable and tragic truth that as one grows older, the other grows younger.
The film is thoughtfully directed by David Finch, who has also worked with Brad Pitt on Se7en and Fight Club, and the changes in Brad Pitt are beautifully echoed with the changes in time that he lives through from his birth at the end of the First World War to this century. Clearly the make up, camera work and lighting are important in a film of this nature and the way that we see Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) and Daisy Williams (Cate Blanchett) age is very convincing.

There are times when you could really believe that he was 18, and she was old enough to be his mother (not that she is!) and I think this is what makes the film so credible and engrossing.  Of course you are hoping for some miracle to happen so that they can live and grow old together, but it’s not meant to happen and after a life far from ordinary he becomes a child and eventually a baby again.
In the end I felt that this was a beautiful and unusual film with some excellent performances that could end up a classic, but its up against some tough competition and might not have the edge needed. Mind you, I still haven’t seen Revolutionary Road….


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I’d just love this film to win something - it deserves to - but I’m afraid Slumdog might carry the day.

By 22bulg on 2009 02 20

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Katharina - Germany

Katharina - Germany

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Not only the helpful Skype sessions and detailed corrections and comments of those looking over all my essays, but also the kind and motivating emails and conversations that helped a lot and made me carry on and believe I can do it. I am so happy. This is my best Christmas present this year!

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