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Watch and listen to the news!

It’s better to choose short reports (1-2 mins) so that you can really focus on the detail. To help you get started, I’ve chosen a short news report from Australia about a sinkhole that appeared suddenly on a popular beach.

The news reporter is speaking with a standard British accent but the two people interviewed are both from Australia and you’ll probably notice that their accents are quite different. You should also try to listen for key information like numbers, dates, times and places; the typical things that you have to focus on in the IELTS test.

Listen to the report and try to answer the following questions:

1. At what time did the sinkhole start happening?
2. How many metres wide was the sinkhole?
3. How many sinkholes have occurred in the last 4 years?
4. How many holidaymakers had to be evacuated?

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Ichiro, Japan

Ichiro, Japan

Thank you for providing the helpful lessons last month. I’ve just
received the result of the latest IELTS:

19 May 2012, Overall: 8.0, L: 8.5, R: 8.5, W: 7.0, S: 7.5
(10 March 2012, Overall: 7.0, L: 8.0, R: 8.5, W: 6.0, S: 6.0)

As you see, the speaking score has rised dramatically thanks to your
great speaking lessons. These scores are perfect to apply to my target

Thanks again for your kind support.

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